'Churro Dogs' Are Real And The Only Dessert That Matters Right Now (Photo)

by Robert Anthony

If you were looking for a good reason to visit Arizona and catch a Diamondbacks game, here it is.

Chase Field is looking to take its concessions to the next level by offering up the Churro Dog. It's exactly what it sounds like -- a cinnamon churro nestled between a chocolate-glazed doughnut bun. But the fun doesn't stop there.

The Churro Dog also features frozen yogurt, caramel drizzle, whipped cream and chocolate sauce because, why not?! What else would you be doing at an Arizona Diamondbacks game if you weren't chowing down on one of these?

According to Food Beast, the Churro Dog will put about 1,117 calories in your system (another 450 calories would be added if they substituted the fro-yo with real ice cream).

With baseball stadiums looking to reel in the crowd, it only makes sense they use mouthwatering food porn to do so.

And at just $8.50, it's hard to resist seeing what this thing is all about for yourself!

Check out the photo below for a closer look.

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