An Architect Created A 'Floating' Mirror House And It Looks Awesome (Photos)

Reform Architekt

If you happen to be strolling through the forest just outside of Warsaw, Poland, you'll probably run into art -- literally.

That's because there's a giant, floating house sitting right in the middle of it. Or at least there will be soon.

This concept is simply called the Mirror House, and you probably wouldn't realize it was right in front of you.

Instead, you'd see nature -- the vibrant reflections of trees and shrubs.

Reform Architekt, an architecture firm based in Poland, is responsible for its unique design.

Marcin Tomaszewski, who founded and owns the firm, is the lead mastermind behind the design of the Mirror House, which appears as if it's floating in the middle of the forest.

Despite its reflective accents, the home isn't completely paneled with mirrors. The Mirror House's second floor is painted an off-white tone, which makes it look like it's hovering over the ground.

Although it doesn't exist yet, Tomaszewski was generous enough to share photos of the concept of the Mirror House.

Check it out below for a closer look!

Feast your eyes on the Mirror House.

If you were to walk around the forest area outside of Warsaw, Poland, you might just run into it -- literally.

The Mirror House is paneled with mirrors on its lower level.

The reflective surface emits the optical illusion that the second floor is floating.

The home is the brainchild of architect Marcin Tomaszewski.

As of now, the home is in its conceptual stages, so you wouldn't want to head over to Poland and wander the forests just yet!