You Can Finally Send Kanye West Emoji, So Life Is Pretty Damn Good

Emoji characters are used during everyday conversations these days.

But ever since emoji became popular, there has never been an option to choose emoji modeled after Kanye West, and I'm not really sure why.

Until now, we lived in a world without Kanye West emoji. Crazy, right?

Well, someone answered our prayers: A Kanye West emoji app now exists. The app is complete with all of West's famous facial expressions and the obscure masks he wore over the years!

Check out the screenshots below for a closer look!

Behold, YEMOJI, an iOS app that lets you use Kanye West's many facial expressions in place of regular, boring emoji.

If you ever need a better way to communicate with people, this should do the trick!

I'm surprised it took this long to get my hands on an app supplying Kanye emoji.

I mean, Kim Kardashian West has her own mobile game. What took so long?

As of now, the YEMOJI app is only available for iOS devices. Android users will have to wait a bit longer!

So, what do you think? Is YEMOJI necessary or completely necessary?

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