This Genius Device Tells You Exactly When Your Tampon Needs To Be Changed

Daily Mail

Look, if the technology's there, why not use an app that tells you when it's time to switch out the ole tampon?

Here are the facts: There's a new tampon monitor on the market called my.Flow, which tracks your period and tampon use.

The monitor works by using tampons with abnormally long strings that connect to a clip you attach to your waist or underwear.


The device sends data to your phone, where you can use an app to get custom, timed notifications when it's time to change. You can also use the app to track your period's flow and duration.

In the commercial above, the mission of the product is said to be "to obliterate period anxiety."

Gizmodo reports an original version of the product had a bluetooth chip inside the tampon itself, but users were uncomfortable putting electronics all up inside their bodies.

This latest version keeps all the wiring outside the vag but, again, does mean you have to deal with a weirdly long tampon string.

Still, the concept is really cool! Personally, I've had several incidents of forgetting I had a tampon in.

This could potentially be a way to lower risk of toxic shock syndrome, which is a potentially fatally illness connected to tampon use.

I'm all about dat technology that might one day save my life.

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