Apartment Concept Has Rotating Floors So Everyone Gets Top-Story Views

One of the toughest parts about deciding on a new apartment in a major city is being able to find one with a breathtaking view.

Unfortunately, not all of us have been lucky enough to find a decently-sized apartment with modern appliances and panoramic views for a reasonable price.

That'd probably require a few million dollars and, even then, it's a struggle.

However, that could soon be changing if a new residential building design is adapted in major cities with overcrowding issues. Shin Kuo, a San Francisco-based industrial designer, has unveiled his concept for a rotating building giving residents an ever-changing view of the city.

The concept, which is called Turn to the Future, is designed so that people who are at the bottom level will eventually get a chance to have a top-floor view and everything in-between.

Each day, each unit moves one step forward on the spiral track.

Kuo's concept description on his website reads,

Turn to The Future is a new style of living in the future, 2035. Based on the results of my research, I imagined what could be possible about the shapes and structures of cities in the future and discovered an industrial design opportunity.

According to the Laughing Squid, it takes a little over two months for the building to fully rotate each unit to the top floor.

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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