American Apparel Is Finally In The News For Something Good

by Emily Arata

If you want to win the hearts of America's urban youth, there's only one person you have to take down. Hint: His name rhymes with Shmonald Shrump. Clothing retailer American Apparel has done just that by parodying presidential candidate Donald Trump's trademarked slogan with its LGBTQ Pride 2016 collection.

Instead of Trump's slogan, "Make America great again," the merchandise reads, "Make America gay again." I don't know, but America's been pretty gay for a while now. What's all this "again" nonsense?

Regardless, put down the thong bodysuit you were about to purchase in gold lamé, and pick up one of these shirts instead. More fabric will mean better protection from getting a sunburn during LGTBQ+ parades this month.

If you're feeling dubious about supporting American Apparel given its dicey recent history — including a sexual harassment lawsuit against former CEO Dov Charney — remember the company donates 30 percent of the profits from its Pride collection to LGBTQ-friendly causes.

The collection is also backed by the Human Rights Campaign and The Ally Coalition, a group founded by Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff and his sister Rachel Antonoff, a fashion designer.

If you're in love with the "gay" slogan, know you're not alone. Photos of the pithy slogan have been popping up all over Instagram. It's available either printed in rainbow font on t-shirts, or in red on a hat that's nearly identical to Trump's.

Take a look at how people are repping the slogan below.

Ready to don a hat and take a stand?

American Apparel and its partners are working to spread the "Make America Gay Again" mission.

Slogan t-shirts start at just over $20, but you can also get involved in person.

The campaign will sponsor talks by LGBTQ+ influencers in stores across the country.

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