The All-In-One Beer And Weed Bong Will Be Sure To F*ck You Up

We've seen it all. We've seen THC-infused chocolates, THC-infused pizza and even THC-infused grilled cheese sandwiches.

What we haven't seen, until now, is this insane all-in-one "beer shotgun, gravity pipe and water pipe" device brilliantly named The Knockout.

It's everything you could wish for in a drinking and smoking device.

If you're one of those fearless stoners who likes to have a good time multitasking with beer and weed, this is for you. Seriously, how epic is this thing?

The best part? It's only $30. That's right, 30 bucks and you can change your life forever.

Check out the video above for a quick look at exactly how this masterpiece works!