These Adidas Sneakers Have A Hidden Pocket To Stash Your Weed

We could all use a few more pockets -- for our weed, specifically.

Adidas is proving they know what's up with their new BAIT trainers equipped with tiny pockets under the shoe tongues that are perfect for storing dank buds. In collaboration with the online trainer shop, Adidas plans to release the Happy 420 sneaks just in time for the biggest stoner holiday of the year via a raffle.

So, yes, unfortunately that means we can't all go rush out and buy them right now, but you can improve your odds of winning a pair by following BAIT's social media accounts.


Oh, and I should mention, if you win the raffle, you don't actually win a free pair. You win the chance to buy a pair for $120. Hey, no one ever said looking clutch was easy or affordable.

Between the fact that they look fly AF with a classic Stan Smith block, a dope pebble-y print and are made out of eco-conscious hemp, there's really no reason not to at least bid for a chance to win a pair of these puppies. Ladies, take note: They only offer them in men's sizes so you'll have to do a little math to find the right size for you. It's pretty simple, though, if you just take your size and subtract two.

For instance, I'm a size 7 women's shoe (US), so I'd be a size 5 in men's. You know I totally entered my info for the raffle because I want those extra weed pockets so damn bad.

Get on my level, everybody. Or don't, I don't need the competition.

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