Snacktime Game-Changer: You Can Buy 6-Pound Bags Of Cheetos In Mexico (Photos)

If Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew wasn't enough to satisfy you cheese cravings, you're in luck.

Apparently, if you find yourself south of the border, you can get a jumbo, 6-pound bag of Cheetos, and it's about as big as your little brother.

The giant Cheetos bags are made by Sabritas, a snack company that sells Frito-Lay products throughout Mexico.

The massive bags of the classic, "Los Originales," Cheetos can be found at the Mexican branches of big-box retailers such as Costco, and can even be ordered on the Internet.

Gone are the days where you have to worry about running out of your favorite cheesy snack.

However, your fingers might be permanently dyed orange after finishing up one of these bags.

If you're wondering what a 6-pound bag of Cheetos looks like, check out the photos below.

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