Sonja Lekovic

This 5-Year-Old Hairstylist Will Motivate You To Step Up Your Summer Hair Game

If you're still struggling to master a messy top knot, prepare to feel even worse about yourself. One hairstylist is blowing up on the internet with her insane, expert looks. The kicker? She's only five years old.

Magnolia, the 5-year-old daughter of hair extraordinaire Jenny Strebe, shows off her fancy 'dos on Instagram with mini how-to videos to inspire your own inner stylist. From "triple buns" to "curl swoops," the girl can do it all. Transforming long-haired mannequin heads into works of art, Magnolia shows us hair amateurs how it's really done.

Like this "triple flower bun."

The "curl swoop" could get us excited about attending any sweltering summer event.

How is this girl already so much better at life than me?!

While these looks are beautiful options for any type of hair, they're especially awesome for women with long hair. Coming from experience, letting your long hair down during the summer feels like wearing a blanket in hundred-degree heat. It's not fun.

So take a cue from Magnolia and step up your hair game this summer. You'll be glad you did, even if your messy bun ends up looking like a verifiable rat's nest.

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