Money Can't Buy Everything: Here Are 18 Things Bill Gates Can't Do With His $72 Billion

by Robert Anthony

Bill Gates has a lot of money. And by a lot of money, we mean a total of about 72 billion dollars. He can pretty much do anything he wants with this amount money. After all, it is 72 BILLION dollars... But what can he not do? Where does the frivolous, unlimited spending stop for someone with that kind of money?

You're probably thinking to yourself "Bill Gates can do anything." Well, you'd be surprised. There are a few stop signs and bumps in the road for Gates when it comes to doing whatever he wants. Check out the 18 things Bill Gates CAN'T do with his estimated net worth of $72 billion.

18. Pay off the U.S. debt

17. Erase everyone's memory of Miley's VMA performance

16. Bring back the old Kanye

15. Change society's current perception of Justin Bieber

14. Make Drake less emotional

13. Buy $73 billion worth of weed

12. Stop Kenny from getting killed on every South Park episode

11. Turn "The Real Housewives" series into something that actually makes sense

10. Make Britney Spears relevant again

9. Hire someone who can actually translate Gucci Mane's tweets

8.  Make Rick Rubin put shoes on

7. Make "Eastbound & Down" last forever

6. Pay off America's 1.2 trillion dollar college debt

5. Clone Steve Jobs

4. Get Lil Wayne to stop sippin' sizzurp for good

3. Give each person in New York City $1 billion

2. Buy back Kim Kardashian's virginity

1. Buy Apple