13 Women Confess The Times They Acted Like 'Crazy Girlfriends'

At some point, all women have been guilty of being the one thing no one actually wants to ever be: the batsh*t crazy girlfriend.

Psycho girlfriend syndrome can come in a variety of forms ranging from mildly crazy behaviors like going through texts and following your SO's every move on social media to completely losing it and acting like an all-out lunatic.

Yep, I'm not sure what it is, but being in love will make you do some next-level psycho sh*t that'll make you stop and seriously question your sanity from time to time.

Whisper, the app that lets you spill the beans on all of your secrets, recently asked a bunch of women to confess the times they became the dreaded, psycho girlfriends by letting their crazy show a little bit too much in their relationships.

Take a look at the pictures below to see women confess the times they totally lost it in their relationships.

He has no idea I blocked his exes.

I take Facebook stalking to new extremes.

This is some next-level crazy sh*t.

I know his horoscope better than mine.

I use a tracking device.

I want to make sure his ex is miserable.

He still thinks I'm on the pill.

I pretended to be employed so he would like me.

I use fake profiles to make sure he's not cheating.

Sharing isn't always caring.

Yeah, I found lots of porn.

Maybe there's a ghost in the house?

I cut the cord on his damn banjo.

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