This $100 Rubber Ducky Is Proof Your Childhood Is Dead


When I was a little kid, Apple hadn't invented the iPad yet.

That means, when I was throwing temper tantrums, interfering with adult conversations and being really annoying, my parents didn't have a bright, portable LED screen for me to stare at as a calming technique.

These days, however, advanced technology is presented to children early on, which means the chances of them ever stepping foot outside without a handheld mobile device at the young age of 5 is super-low.

A clear indicator that childhood, as we know it, will never be the same is this $100 rubber ducky. That's right, the classic staple in every kid's toy chest is no longer $2.

It is now a $100 "smart toy" that connects to your iPad.

Oh, and "rubber ducky" now has a name... It's Edwin, the "Smart Duck."

I'll admit, it's pretty cool to see the classic yellow rubber ducky get a 21st century makeover but it is a bit sad to see him stuffed with Bluetooth technology with an eyesore of a price tag.

Regardless, there are benefits to investing in a $100 bath toy for your child. For instance, this "Smart Duck" features a ton of different learning games taught by an animated character whose "personality is designed to be a child's best friend."

Maybe we just need to kiss the classic past that is our childhood goodbye!

Check out the video above for a closer look.

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