10 Must-Have Weed Accessories Every Stoner Needs For SXSW

by Stoned Girls
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Festival season is upon us, and South by Southwest is the beacon of light that kicks off this glorious time of year for stoners.

Festivals are a pothead's bread and butter, as they embody everything we love: public marijuana consumption, live music, and making new friends.

Because we care about you not only having the best time possible this festival season, but also making sure you stay safe and out of jail, we've put together a list of products you will need at SXSW to make sure your festival experience is as amazing as possible.

A portable vape or pen

Being able to be properly stoned at SXSW is all about convenience.

You don't want to have to be trying to roll a joint in the middle of a crowd that's jamming out to Crystal Castles.

Having a vape or, better yet, a pre-filled pen with you will make getting blazed on the sly so much easier.


While it may sound so simple, eye drops could make or break your day.

Having to constantly rub your eyes is going to take away from the magic of watching President Obama's speech. Oh, yea, he's going to be there, and so is Michelle.

You don't want your attention diverted to your personal ocular discomfort while they are speaking, trust us.

Huff Socks (Or any other weed-themed clothing)

SXSW wouldn't be SXSW without all of the crazy get-ups.

Finally, as a stoner, you can wear your love for weed loud and proud among your people - so take advantage of it!

Tout your most colorful Huff socks, weed leaf booty shorts, and Stoned Girls R Hot t-shirts!

An old-fashioned dug out

If you can't get your hands on a vape or pen, dig out your old dug out. It's a safe and convenient way to store your bud, and the one-hitter is perfect for maintaining your buzz all throughout Nas' set.


While water is not directly a weed product, it is going to be the most important item you bring to SXSW (other than weed, of course).

You're already going to be dancing, partying, and in general rabble-rousing, and you're going to get dehydrated.

Add to that cotton mouth, and it's a recipe for ending up in the medical tent. Don't be that guy - bring water.


Edibles are the perfect SXSW accessory.

They are easy to carry, they keep you stoned a little big longer, and they give you the kind of body high that naturally meshes with dancing your ass off.

A smoke buddy

While we are confident that you will make all of the friends at SXSW, bringing a buddy to smoke with is key.

Getting high with new people is one of the best parts of festivals, but you're going to want a good go to guy in the smoke circle to experience this with.

After all, someone's got to be there to validate your stories when you go home.

Pre-rolled joints

Once again, you don't want to be "that guy" trying to roll a joint amidst a crazy crowd of stoned millennials.

Bring a pack of pre-rolled joints, because nothing makes you friends faster than passing around a nicely rolled J, and, according to number 8, smoke buddies are a must.


Don't bring just one lighter. Don't bring your lucky lighter.

Bring a giant pack of lighters. You will lose more than you ever knew you had at SXSW, and you don't want to be stuck in a situation with your new smoke buddy trying to light a joint, and you have no lighter.

It's not only frustrating, but you lose credibility as a good stoner.

A backpack

You're going to need something to carry all of the above mentioned items in, after all, and a backpack is way more trustworthy than pockets.



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