Zendaya Had The Best Reaction When A Magazine Photoshopped Her Picture


Even though Zendaya is just 19 years old, she has already become a positive role model for young women and a powerful advocate for self-love.

That's why, when she saw an image of her Photoshopped, she decided to speak up.

On Tuesday night, Zendaya shared on Instagram she was shocked to see a heavily edited photo of herself from a recent magazine shoot.

She decided to post two images side by side, sharing what her real body looks like compared to the magazine's retouched version.

The caption reads,

Way to go, girlfriend. Zendaya knows how to keep it real and stay true to herself.

Plus, she looks absolutely gorgeous in the original shoot, which shows photo editing was absolutely not needed.

Zendaya, thanks for being an inspiration to all of us. You're a rockstar.

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