Zayn Malik's New Music Video Is Reminding Everyone Of The Same Thing


If you ever wanted to see Zayn Malik star in an '80s sci-fi film, well, first of all, that's a pretty weird thing to want.

But also, your wish totally came true.

Zayn dropped the music video for his song "LIKE I WOULD" late Monday night. The song came out back in March on the 23-year-old's debut album, Mind of Mine.

A Director X production, the video features Zayn in a jumpsuit decorated with light-up neon lines, trapped in a cage of neon lights and sporting a glowing, neon orange eye.

So, "Tron," basically.

If you haven't seen "Tron" or the "Tron" remake with Jeff Bridges, "Tron: Legacy," all you need to know is everyone in it looks like this:


Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Zayn got his big-budget music video with Director X. Our little boy bander is all grown up.

But seriously, this music video is just "Tron," and that did not escape the Internet's notice.

Some people are super into it. Nerdy Zayn for the win.

ZAYN AS TRON, HE'S SUCH A NERD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH pic.twitter.com/2xnXvsihDU — evelyn (@bieberzains) May 10, 2016

Other people are not so into it. Hey, you can't please 'em all, Zayn.

I guess when you're dressed like that, you don't really NEED to dance.

Does this mean we can expect "Tron 3: Return of 'PILLOWTALK'" ?

He probably just came straight from the set of shooting that exact film, actually.

Let the Zayn-"Tron" crossover fanfiction commence!

Let's be real, you KNOW he and Gigi did some "Tron" roleplay at some point. Otherwise, what's even the point of a glowing orange eye?

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