You Can Now Stream 'The O.C.' Online, So Life Will Never Be The Same

by Taylor Ortega

BIG news, teens and tweens of the early 2000s: “The O.C.” will now be available to stream online.

That's right. Thanks to The CW, Josh Schwartz's teenage soap about a guy from Chino trying to live right in Orange County is back in our lives, Cosmopolitan reports.

The series arrived on CW Seed, the network's streaming platform, to bless us with the endless wisdom of Summer Roberts, the gentle awkwardness of Seth Cohen and the fatal hot misery of Marissa Cooper.

In honor of the occasion, I prepared a poem:

I wish I was a mermaid, and was friends with all the fish. A shiny tail and seashells, that's what I would wish.

JK, y'all know another Taylor wrote that gem.

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