Women React To 8 Different Types Of Dating Profiles For Men (Video)

Among the dudes you find on online dating sites, you've got your gym rat, fedora wearer, naked cat lover, adrenaline junkie and the ever-present boy showing off his toys.

A multicultural group of girls from Canada had the chance to pick apart eight types of dating problems, and boy, do they have a lot to say. One of the most surprising discoveries? Sometimes, including your furry friends can backfire.

While this small focus group had some helpful insights, some of their comments were just plain funny.

This is the hottest version of a crappy photo you can take. I think the cat is under some drugs. What are you trying to show? That you have a nice bathroom sink?

Some other takeaways: Avoid bathroom selfies, wear clothes and maybe don't awkwardly lean against a red Ferrari, even if it's your own.

You can see all the cringeworthy profile pics and hear the full commentary in the video below.

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