This Woman Loves Spiders So Much, She Lets Them Crawl On Her Face (Video)

Lisa Donovan is one brave lady. A lady whose house I will never go to, thanks to her "baby," Coraline.

Coraline, according to Donovan's video, is an orb spider that sometimes likes to crawl on her face.

In the video's description, Donovan writes,

Here's another video of me and my baby Coraline. (Nephilis maculata) She's such a gentle spider, despite her intimidating appearance. I also believe she is going to have babies soon!

Great, just what we need, hundreds of baby Coralines.

You don't have to worry too much about Donovan living with orb spiders, however. As she points out in another video, the spider's venom is not medically significant, or dangerous, to humans.

Donovan's YouTube channel is filled with terrifying creatures, like this one:

For more frightful videos, check out her YouTube page.