This Woman Spent $10K To Make Her Butt Look Just Like Kim Kardashian's (Video)

What's the most you ever did to look like a Kardashian?

Because, apparently, Marlene Chinea just spent $10,000 to surgically shove 4 pounds of body fat into her keister in honor of Kim K.

Yeah. All that money you spent on The Kylie Lip Kit suddenly seems like small potatoes.

The Florida nurse -- of course, she's from Florida -- claimed going under the knife was a sort of last ditch effort to emulate Kim.

She told Daily Mail,

No matter how much exercise I did, I'd never get the results I wanted. I was OK with my bum before, but I thought a little more would accentuate my assets. I simply wanted more projection.

In order to make the surgery a reality, Chinea said she packed on an extra 20 pounds of fat around her body.

After the weight gain, Dr. Michael “Pablo Patoot-hole” Salzhauer (JK, his actual nickname is Dr. Mami, which we ALL agree isn't as good as my nickname) was able to harvest the body fat and move it down to her butt in order to give her that *cough* “projection” *cough* she was looking for.

In case you're wondering, Marlene couldn't be happier with the results. She said,

People are curious and want to know everything about my journey. Overall life is good and I am happy. I've also received plenty of attention from both sexes — not just guys.

Flashin' major side eye to all you Kylie Lip Kit fakers out there right now.

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