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William Hung Crashed The 'American Idol' Finale And Everyone Lost It

Last night, we all banged. *single tear rolls down cheek* We all banged.

Take a guess at how many seasons "American Idol" was on TV in America for. Go ahead, try and guess how many seasons. Have a number? Good. Now, take that number and add six seasons to it.

That's how many seasons "American Idol" was on TV for: 15 seasons. "American Idol" was on TV for 15 seasons, and it JUST ended. Who effing knew this show was still going?

Anyway, the show's finale was last night, and I'm sure all the stars from the series, like Lee DeWyze, Phillip Phillips, Nick Fradiani, Anthony Cain and Candice Glover, made appearances. (I made up one of those names, by the way. Have fun trying to guess which one I made up. It's not Phillip Phillips, in case that's your guess. Weird, I know.) But, the most memorable appearance was, without a doubt, the glorious return of William Hung.

The Internet essentially exploded when Hung made his appearance while Ryan Seacrest tried to cut to commercial.

OMG!!! #HungOnIdol — JEPONG (@XJFFRSN) April 8, 2016
She bangs! #HungOnIdol — Troy Peterson (@tapbin) April 8, 2016
#HungOnIdol — Marie Hazel Garcia ♚ (@mamarhie) April 8, 2016

Brian Dunkleman was also there for some reason at some point last night. But whatever, Hung was the one we all wanted to see!

I think we can all agree that the most exciting return for the #IdolFinale was William Hung. #HungOnIdol — Stephen Shiveley (@StephenWGXA) April 8, 2016
William Hung was the best! #IdolFinale #HungOnIdol — Maria Guerra (@MariaGuerra76) April 8, 2016
#HungOnIdol made my nite LEGEND. — amina (@lilmeenabo) April 8, 2016

RIP, "American Idol."

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