Pamela Anderson will reportedly never watch Hulu's 'Pam & Tommy' and her reasoning makes a lot of se...

Pamela Anderson Will Reportedly "Never, Never Watch" Pam & Tommy

"Not even years from now. Not even the trailer."

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All publicity is good publicity, right? Not according to Pamela Anderson. When Hulu’s limited series Pam & Tommy dropped on Feb. 2, it left a lot of questions as to how involved Tommy Lee and Anderson were in the making of the show, and if either of them would ever watch the docuseries. In a Feb. 11 interview with Entertainment Weekly, an inside source close to Anderson revealed the answer. So, will Pamela Anderson watch Hulu’s Pam & Tommy? It sounds unlikely.

The limited series tells the true story of Anderson and then-husband Lee’s stolen sex tape, which was infamously leaked to the public in 1996. A source told EW that Anderson does not have any plans to watch the show at all. “I do know she'll never, never watch this,” the source said. “Not even years from now. Not even the trailer.”

So, it goes without saying that Anderson also did not contribute as a consultant on the show either. In fact, the inside source explained Anderson was contacted years ago about potentially being part of creating the show, and then again in post-production, but Anderson was not interested in being involved.

And how exactly did the show get the green light without Anderson’s permission? Easy, they pursued the rights to a 2014 Rolling Stone article that outlined the events of the infamous tape.


According to the article, a contractor who was working on Anderson and Lee’s house stole a safe from their property that contained the sex tape and released it on the internet without the couple’s consent.

Since the Hulu show relives the events, and even shows tidbits of the tape, the source claimed it’s messed up considering we’re living in a post-#MeToo world. “But imagine if a celebrity today had their nudes leaked and then Hollywood recreated not just the crime but the actual nudes — that would never happen,” the source said. “In the '90s, Pamela's body was deemed by a judge to be public property. There was no question the tape was stolen property, but the court decided it wasn't private property because her body belonged to the world.”

The source added, “Pamela is somehow still the exception to the rule. She's still up for grabs. That's messed up. Yes, it's brief clips — but to me the most damning aspect is that [Pam & Tommy] didn't just tell the story, they recreated moments from the boat.”

The source went on to affirm that Anderson has not said anything about Lily James’ portrayal of her, and will not saying anything about it. “This poor starlet has had to hear that Pamela thinks she's trash — it just never happened. The headlines around that are just totally screwed up.”

The source made it clear that Anderson will remain focused on her philanthropic efforts in Vancouver and “wants any press she ever gets to be about that now.”