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Cassidy Timbrooks and Clayton Echard on 'The Bachelor'

Welp, We Finally Know Whose Bachelor Rose Clayton Wants To Take Back

Even Hilary Duff had something to say about her.

ABC/John Fleenor

It seems like Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor is going to be filled with, well, unique moments. The premiere episode kicked it off with a bang when three women left before the first rose ceremony. In the second episode, the drama continued. Early in episode, contestant Cassidy Timbrooks received the first group date rose, but by the end of the episode, she was in danger of getting sent home. Here’s your breakdown of what exactly went wrong, and what may happen next.

Cassidy made a big impression right at the start of Week 2. She was invited on the first group date of the season, which was a “birthday-themed” party with kids. Starting a family is very important to Clayton, which is something he realized during a date with Michelle Young and her elementary school students during her season of The Bachelorette. Cassidy, however, made it clear she’s not very good with kids... by literally telling one of the kids as much. Plus, while all the women were supposed to help set up the birthday party, Cassidy stole some alone time with Clayton to make out with him. The other women were not happy with the way Cassidy made the date all about her, and even Hilary Duff, who stopped by to help host the date, had something to say about how Cassidy was putting “a target” on her own back with her questionable tactics.

Even though Cassidy didn’t exactly master the group date, she still won Clayton over by making it clear she was into him with her assertive personality. Clayton gave her the group date rose, much to the dismay of the other women.

However, she’s in danger of losing that rose. Once fellow contestant Sierra Jackson saw how pushy Cassidy was about getting time with Clayton, she took him to the side to tell him about a conversation she’d had with Cassidy earlier. According to flashback footage, Cassidy told Sierra that she was “hooking up on and off” with a guy right before she left to film The Bachelor and that she was FaceTiming with him right before Night 1 of this season.

Once Clayton heard about all the details of Cassidy’s love life outside the show, his impression of Cassidy totally shifted. He said he wants to make sure he’s investing time in people who are actually on the show for him, and so he decided to go talk to host Jesse Palmer to ask if anyone’s ever taken back a rose before. The episode ended before viewers got Jesse’s answer, but it seems like Clayton could be ready for another Bachelor Nation first: taking back a group date rose and sending its recipient home before the next ceremony.

Season 26 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.