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Here's The Reason Paradise Only Gets 1 Episode This Week

OK, fine, this is important.

by Ani Bundel

October and November are traditionally the time of year when sweater weather kicks in. The sun begins setting earlier than most would like, and the rain moves in, making it colder, wetter, and darker. Bachelor in Paradise’s new season has thus far been the perfect antidote, with fun in the sun and love in the air bringing a bit of sunshine two nights each week. But unfortunately for fans, Bachelor In Paradise is not airing a new episode on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

Thankfully, the break between episodes isn’t long — it’s just one Tuesday the show is skipping before returning to its Monday-Tuesday schedule for the rest of the season. The eighth of November just happens to be the second Tuesday of the month, which in the United States means Election Day. When the polls close, it’ll be time to tally the votes and announce who won. That means almost all the broadcast channels and networks will be laser-focused on computerized maps all evening with “Election Special Coverage,” bumping nearly all the regularly scheduled programming off the air.

Some stations have rescheduled their Tuesday lineup for other days, like CBS, which aired its popular FBI series two days early on Sunday. But most are simply putting their shows on pause, including The Voice, La Brea, and New Amsterdam on NBC. On ABC, Bachelor In Paradise isn’t the only one being bumped; The Rookie: Feds will also be off for a week.

For those who have Tuesday fall favorites, this is a common occurrence. (Ask This Is Us fans about being bumped for political stuff all the time.) But for Bachelor fans, this is somewhat rare. Usually, this is the point in the calendar year when none of the various iterations of the franchise are airing; Bachelor in Paradise just happened to premiere later this year than it normally does. It meant more beach vistas in the fall than usual, but it also put Season 8’s final weeks right in the path of the midterms.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 continues with two new episodes on Monday, Nov. 14, and Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and streaming the next day on Hulu.