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We Need To Talk About That Unexpected Self-Elimination On BIP

That came out of nowhere.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

A rose is not always a guarantee that someone is going to stick around on Bachelor In Paradise, and audiences just witnessed that firsthand with the show’s latest cast member exit. Things seemed to be going smoothly for Teddi Wright, but all that changed after the first rose ceremony in the Oct. 4 episode. That’s when Teddi decided to self-eliminate, leaving both audiences and her fellow contestants really confused. Here’s what went down with Teddi’s unexpected self-elimination.

For the first two and a half episodes or so of BIP Season 8, Teddi seemed to be pretty secure in her relationship with Andrew Spencer. They went on the first 1-on-1 date of the season together, and Andrew also handed the first rose of the season to Teddi. They had all the makings of a solid couple. However, some cracks in their relationship started to show after the first rose ceremony.

“We both came here thinking that we would like each other,” Teddi explained. “And I do really like Andrew. But I’m not as like all over him as I usually am with guys.”

Teddi’s confusion over her feelings about Andrew only intensified when Rodney Mathews joined the beach and she started to feel a pull toward him.

“I am excited to see Rodney and that does make me confused as to what that means for how I feel about Andrew,” she said. “Rodney is coming at an interesting time for me, because I feel like there might be something missing with Andrew.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Even while Teddi was grappling with her feelings, she was conflicted because she didn’t want to hurt Andrew. “I think I’ve been struggling the past few days,” Teddi said. “I just feel bad because I think he’s so amazing. I just feel bad.”

Teddi sat down for a much-needed conversation with Andrew and she told him everything she was feeling. “I want to be able to be all over you, and I’ve been struggling to do that, and I don’t know if it’s the environment or just something is missing,” she explained.

Andrew said he still felt a connection with her, but he didn’t want to force anything and he respected her decision. They agreed to break up, but their split really left Teddi shook. It all proved to be too much for Teddi, so she told producers she wanted to leave the beach.

“I came here to meet Andrew and it didn’t work out, so now I want to go,” she said. “I want to get married, I want to have kids, and I want to love someone. But I just don’t think that’s gonna happen here now. And I want to go home and move past this and find that person.”

Not only did Teddi decide to leave, but she also decided not to say goodbye to anyone when she left. As Teddi was driven away, Serene Russell went looking for her. When Wells told Serene that Teddi left Paradise, she was confused. “It’s not clicking for me that Teddi left without saying goodbye,” Serene said.

Everyone was caught off guard by Teddi’s abrupt exit and Jill Chin even cried about losing her friend. But the person who was perhaps the most distraught was Rodney. Just as Teddi left, Rodney started to look for her to offer her his date card. He was disappointed and confused to learn that Teddi self-eliminated, as was a lot of Bachelor Nation.

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