Sarah Catherine Hook is Juliette in Netflix's YA vampire romance, 'First Kill'

Here's Why Horror Fans Will Recognize Juliette From First Kill

Sarah Catherine Hook is a horror vet.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Horror fans may already recognize her, but Sarah Catherine Hook is about to become a very familiar face for YA fantasy lovers as well. As one of the stars of Netflix’s new LGBTQ+ teen vampire romance series, First Kill, Hook plays Juliette, a budding vampire who falls in love with a monster hunter named Calliope (Imani Lewis). If you’re enchanted by her performance in First Kill, here’s everything to know about Sarah Catherine Hook.

Born in Alabama, Hook moved to New York to get her bachelor’s degree in operatic vocal performance from SUNY Purchase. Although you can catch her using her singing chops on Facebook, she has yet to sing in a movie or show. While in college, she did the Atlantic Theater Company Summer Intensive, a course offered by the off-Broadway collective. Soon after, she got her start in commercials for SodaStream before getting into more spooky projects.

First Kill is her biggest role to date including everything from action sequences, to romantic scenes, to emotional monologues. Although Hook is 26, she plays a high schooler in the series who comes to terms with her life as a young vampire and explores her sexuality with none other than a vampire hunter. The eight-episode season has plenty of ups of downs, gore, and tender moments, too. But there’s a lot more to Hook than her latest character.


Sarah Catherine Hook’s Past Projects

In 2019, Hook had one of her first TV roles in Law and Order: SVU playing Meghan Gale, a victim who is comforted by Olivia Benson. Her next role is what she was most known for prior to landing the lead in First Kill; she played Debbie Glatzel in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

Before being cast as Juliette in Netflix’s teen vampire romance, Hook acted alongside Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson in Impeachment: American Crime Story, the Hulu series about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s affair. She played Catherine Allday Davis, Lewinsky’s friend from college who testified on Lewinsky’s behalf in Clinton’s impeachment trial.

Hook’s most similar role to Juliette was in Hulu’s Monsterland, a sci-fi anthology series that premiered in 2020. The show focused on all kinds of monsters, from werewolves to demonic beings, with the main theme of unpacking the nuances of good versus evil, much like the theme of First Kill.

Sarah Catherine Hook’s Instagram

Hook has shared BTS moments and teasers for almost all her projects on Instagram, including shots from the makeup trailer, Polaroids, and shoutouts to her hair and makeup teams. She’s posted updates on the production status of First Kill and shared the trailer. She even seems to have an Insta-friendship with popular TikTokers Sally Darr Griffin and Brooke Averick — they all follow each other and have occasionally commented on each other’s Insta’s.

It’s not clear what project Hook will be working on next, but if First Kill is any indication, it looks like horror fans may have another scream queen on their hands.