Jeremy O. Harris plays designer Gregory Dupree in Season 2 of 'Emily in Paris.'

This Gossip Girl Connection In Emily In Paris Is Iconique

You've def seen Jeremy O. Harris before.


The second season of Emily in Paris introduced a ton of fashionable new characters, but nobody stole a scene quite like Gregory Dupree. Emily first ran into Gregory during her getaway in Saint-Tropez, immediately recognizing the famous fashion designer. Viewers might have recognized him as well, since Jeremy O. Harris is known as much more than just Gregory Dupree on Emily in Paris.

Spoiler alert: This post contains light spoilers from throughout Emily in Paris Season 2. Gregory serves as a sort of complicated antagonist in Emily in Paris. Although Emily didn’t know this when she first met him, he’s the longtime rival of Emily’s designer client, Pierre Cadault, and Gregory jumps at the opportunity to sabotage Pierre whenever possible. However, they appear to mend things at the end of the season. In the finale, Emily helped Gregory make his shapewear runway show at Versailles an unforgettable success, and even managed to get Pierre to make a big, flamboyant entrance as an olive branch to his fashion enemy. They seemed to have found a mutual respect in that moment... until Pierre promptly fired Savoir after the show for going all-out for Gregory in a way the marketing execs never did for him. I guess the rivalry continues...

Gregory turned so many looks in this season of Emily in Paris, which is totally in line with Harris’ bold, attention-grabbing nature. He first rose to fame after the success of his polarizing play Slave Play in 2018, which unflinchingly dissected power dynamics in interracial relationships. The play received 12 Tony nominations at the 2020 ceremony, and helped launch Harris into a high-profile screenwriting career. He co-wrote the 2021 ripped-from-Twitter film Zola, and is writing a pilot for HBO along with producing its hit teen series, Euphoria.


Onscreen, Harris is most notable for his recurring role on HBO Max’s Gossip Girl. Harris appeared on two episodes of the rebooted teen drama’s first season, playing a version of himself. Despite his relatively brief scenes, he became an integral part of the plot. After meeting Zoya following the preview of his new play, Harris recognized a talent in the aspiring writer and offered to help her keep her scholarship at Constance Billard. However, that went South when Zoya lied about him attending Julien’s birthday party to try to drum up interest, but who knows? He may still return next season.

Emily in Paris Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.