Who is Yael Cohen Braun?

All About Yael Cohen Braun, Scooter Braun's Ex-Wife

Fans think she got a callout in “Vigilante Sh*t.”

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Scooter Braun is the manager behind some of the biggest names in music, like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato. Braun is super successful, to say the least, but he isn’t exactly the most popular — especially among Taylor Swift fans. In 2019, Scooter got in a major feud with Taylor when she called him an “incessant, manipulative bully" after hearing he acquired the rights to her music catalog. At the time, Scooter’s then-wife, Yael Cohen Braun, clapped back at Taylor for making the feud public, but her tune might have changed since then.

OK, to backtrack a bit, following Taylor’s comments, Yael took to Instagram to defend Scooter. “I have never been one for a public airing of laundry. But when you attack my husband here we go," Braun wrote in an Instagram post in 2019. "If you think he can control his clients, please control your fans. Leave our personal life and kids out of this. You don’t understand yet what line that crosses, but one day you will. And I hope you have the dignity, class, and kindness to leave your fans out of this and have an open discussion. Tumblr can’t fix this. A phone call can.”

Yael might have been firmly on Team Scooter back then, but times have changed. Per Page Six, the couple finalized their divorce in September. In the settlement, Scooter agreed to pay Yael $20 million. They share joint custody of their three children (Jagger, Levi, and Hart), with Scooter paying Yael $60,000 in child support every month. Yael was also to keep their $30 million home. (Scooter kept the private jet, so it’s not like he really lost out.)

For Swifties, all of this is sounding very familiar. In Taylor’s song “Vigilante Sh*t” (which came out a month after Yael and Scooter’s divorce), she sings, “She needed cold hard proof so I gave her some / She had the envelope, where you think she got it from? / Now she gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride / Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife.” Could Taylor be hinting at some kind of involvement in the divorce?

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Whether Yael is doubling as Taylor’s muse or not, there’s still plenty to know about this philanthropist. Yael, who was born in South Africa and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the woman behind the non-profit organization F*ck Cancer, which she started in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She made a t-shirt with the words "F*ck Cancer" after witnessing her mom's first surgery.

In a 2015 interview with MAKERS, she revealed she was shocked to see how her mom, and strangers, responded to the shirt. "It was a war cry for her," she said. "And it was unbelievable to not only see how it made her feel, but how total strangers responded to it. Hugging her and high-fiving her and opening these crazy vulnerable dialogues."

F*ck Cancer is a non-profit in the United States and a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer, and providing emotional support and guidance to those affected by cancer. The organization runs digital and on-the-ground programs and events that seek to change the way people think and talk about cancer, ultimately improving health outcomes.

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