Hoon Lee as Toad in 'See' season 2

We've Got A New See Character To Unpack

Let's talk Toad.

by Ani Bundel
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One of the essential characters in See Season 1 was Tamacti Jun, the Witchfinder General. The leader of Queen Kane’s army relentlessly chased down the Alkenny tribe, following orders to find Maghra and her sighted children. Jun was successful in finding Maghra, but Kane’s actions in destroying the city changed his mind about supporting her as queen. It was a choice that left him dead by season’s end. Now, the new Witchfinder for Season 2, a man named Toad, has arrived. But who is Toad in See, and can anyone trust him?

Warning: Spoilers for See Season 2, Episode 2 follow. The new season opened with Kofun and his father, Baba Voss, on the road to Trivantes. Kofun’s sister, Haniwa, was sold to the city’s General Edo, and Baba was determined to get her back. But he wasn’t willing to do it at the expense of his son, who was equally in danger from Edo. So Kofun was left a few miles outside the city to wait with Paris. Baba told them to wait for a week. If he did not return, they should assume him dead and continue alone.

But Kofun and Paris did not get to wait the full measure of days. As they lingered, Toad and his compatriots arrived. According to Toad, they were under orders from Queen Kane to find Maghra’s children and bring them home to her. Kofun tried to argue with him; he and Paris had promised to wait. But Toad’s orders didn’t seem to involve Baba, so he refused, taking both of them prisoner. Whether or not that was his own choice is unclear. However, Kane probably had no interest in Maghra’s nomadic tribe husband, especially since he’s not even the biological father of Kofun or Haniwa.

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But the real question is whether Toad will be like Jun. The late Witchfinder General was a fundamentally decent man who believed in his queen until he saw her for the power-hungry creature she was. Then his sense of honor led him to make a decision that cost him his life. So far, Toad also seems a decent sort under the gruff exterior. He’s a man doing a job, but not one who is cruel or harsh. For example, he could have left Paris behind and insisted on only taking Kofun. Heck, he could have killed her, deciding they didn’t need an extraneous mouth to feed. Instead, both are traveling with him back to Kane and Magra back to Pennsa.

But though he’s not an obvious foe, he’s not exactly a friend either. Kofun wanted to wait not just for his father but for his sister. Haniwa is just as much someone Kane wants to get her hands on. But Toad didn’t see the point in waiting. Like a good leader, he judged that a rescue mission would be too dangerous, and he was unwilling to wait to see if Baba came back with her. (Most likely because then he’d have to contend with Baba. Sensible men don’t.)

Until Toad gets Kofun back to Kane and Maghra, fans will have to wait and see what his deal is. But so far, fans are hopeful that this Witchfinder isn’t yet another enemy to fear.

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