Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez in Only Murders In The Building

This New Only Murders In The Building Character Is Key To The Investigation

Rose Cooper presents a whole new mystery to unravel.

by Ani Bundel

Only Murders In The Building’s first season arrived with a conveniently located body surrounded by a full set of residents who easily became suspects. From Howard the Cat Man to Sting (yep, the Sting), there were plenty of pasts to dig into for the whodunit. A few have exited since Season 1 — most notably Sting, who moved out, and Bunny, who is now six feet underground and the next mystery to solve. But that doesn’t mean the show won’t add new people to investigate, like Rose Cooper, who may be central to Only Murders In The Building's new mystery.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2 follow. Someone framed the podcasters for Bunny’s murder at the end of Season 1. But Bunny herself left a pair of clues for the trio to solve in her final words to Mabel: “14” and “Savage.” That immediately pointed to Charles, who lives on the 14th floor and has the last name Savage.

Fans have since learned Charles is at least tangentially involved in this case. When Arconia residents Uma and Harold popped into Bunny’s apartment to collect her most valuable possession — a painting by the artists Rose Cooper — they discovered it was missing. And when that painting turned up in Charles’ apartment, audiences learned he had a direct connection to it: The man in the image is his father. Turns out, Rose lived across the street from the Arconia, and the two were having an affair.


Rose Cooper is not around to question — she passed away under mysterious circumstances decades ago. Charles can recall the night Rose’s body turned up and his father was arrested and questioned. Turns out, Charles’ dad wasn’t just sleeping with Rose; he was also stepping across the street to the Arconia and sleeping with Leonora Folger, whose father, Archibald Carter, was the man who designed and built the Arconia. Leonora was also Bunny’s mother and claimed the painting was hers, not her daughter’s.

This cues up some big twists. Rose’s passing, for one thing, is a cold case that needs solving. Bunny and Charles could be half-siblings, for another. How the painting is tied into the murder case is another conundrum for the podcast team to work out.

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