Thor and Jane in 'Thor 4'

Chris Hemsworth's IRL Daughter Plays An Important Role In Thor 4

And she's not the only kid of a cast member to appear in the movie.

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Warning: Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder follow. The new Thor: Love and Thunder starts as a bedtime story told by Korg, gathering the children around the campfire. From the beginning, Korg insists this is a love story, and it is. After all, it’s right there in the name. But viewers don’t realize at first that Thor 4’s title, Love and Thunder, refers to the actual characters of Thor (Thunder) and his new daughter, Love. However, Love isn’t just any kid — and neither is the actor who plays her.

When Thor opens, viewers meet Gorr, the last of the followers of Rapu. He and his daughter, dying of hunger and thirst in a barren land, prayed for help. There was no reply, and the child passed away. As Gorr lay on her coffin, unable to go on, an oasis appeared with Rapu. However, Rapu didn’t come for Gorr or his child; Rapu found the desperate man disgusting. Enraged, Gorr used the Necrosword and cut Rapu’s head off. The god-slaying weapon chose him as its next master, and Gorr swore to do away with all gods.

But Gorr wasn’t actually angry; it was just grief twisted into a rage. When Gorr reached the Well of Eternity to wish all gods to be wiped out, Jane sacrificed herself and Mjölnir to destroy the Necrosword. However, realizing Gorr would still make the wish, Thor decided to spend his last moments with Jane, the one he loves, leaving Gorr to choose to wipe them all out or wish for something even more significant: Eternity to restore his daughter’s life. Knowing he was mortally wounded, Gorr hesitated. But Jane promised Thor would take care of the child.

Both Gorr and Jane passed away, holding the people they love most and leaving Thor alone with the daughter he now must adopt. Since the child was reborn from Eternity, she is now as powerful as a god, and the two together become a new superhero team known as Love and Thunder.

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They aren’t just father and daughter on screen; Chris Hemsworth’s 10-year-old daughter India plays Love. She’s not the only Hemsworth in the movie, either. Hemsworth’s twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, play Young Thor in the flashback sequences. Also, Chris’ younger brother, Luke Hemsworth, reprises his role as The Actor Who Plays Thor in the play-within-a-play staged in New Asgard. It’s an entire family affair; only poor Liam is left out.

The Hemsworth clan isn’t the only one infiltrating the film. Melissa McCarthy, who plays The Actor Who Plays Hela, also shares the screen with her husband, Ben Falcone. (He’s the stage crew member moving the sets about during the play-within-a-play.)

But the cutest cameos belong to the next generation. Natalie Portman credits her two kids, Aleph and Amalia, with helping her decide to come back to the franchise. Christian Bale, who plays Gorr, also told Entertainment Tonight that his kids, Emmeline and Joseph, were the reason he agreed to star. Both sets of kids were rewarded, as they all got to appear in the film, as did Taika Waititi’s kids, Matewa Kiritapu and Te Kainga O’Te Hinekahu Waititi. All six can be seen as part of the group of kidnapped Asgardian children.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now playing in theaters.