Queen Kane in 'See' Season 2

Queen Kane Is Playing A Dangerous Game In See Season 2

And this new guy is part of it.

by Ani Bundel
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When Queen Kane was introduced in See Season 1, she ruled over a major part of the Pacific Northwest from Kanzua, a major city operating out of an aging dam. But Kane was not a wise ruler, nor a kind one, and it wasn’t long into the series before a coup was being staged to oust her from her throne. Kane destroyed the dam and the would-be rebels, but ever since, she’s been on the road, looking for a new home base. Season 2 finally saw her settle in Pennsa, in the home of Lord Harlan. But who is Lord Harlan in See? Can he be trusted any more that her previous underlings?

Warning: Spoilers for See Season 2, Episode 2 follow. Season 1 saw sisters Kane and Maghra reunited for the first time since Jerlamarel drove a wedge between then by impregnating Maghra with sighted children. But even though Kane promised to rule equally with her younger sister, audiences were highly doubtful that would last long. Kane has always been power hungry, and she’d taken the throne from Maghra once before. It was merely a matter of time before she did it again.

But before she did, there was the little matter of making sure her hold on power was secure. Season 1 saw Kane captured when she didn’t have her entourage or guards to protect her. To that end, the sisters traveled to Pennsa, ruled by Lord Harlan.

It was quickly evident why Kane chose this as her new home base. Harlan lived in an old mansion with multiple bedrooms; his town is prosperous, his people docile. He’s also a power-hungry soul like herself. He was quick to kneel, obsequiously offering up his own bedroom to the Queen. And he’s a longtime family friend who once aimed to marry into the family, although from all evidence back then, he saw his path to the throne through Maghra, not Kane.

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Harlan’s brother was not so impressed with the Queen, and that’s even before she was quickly back to her old ways. After consecrating the town as her new capitol, Kane openly refused the advice to shore up defenses and insulted those who know the place well. But Harlan counseled his brother to have patience. This was as close to the seat of power as they’d ever been.

But Harlan wasn’t prepared for just how much of a loose cannon Kane would turn out to be. Before long, she was standing before their people announcing that the sighted and the unsighted were to live together in harmony, which did not go over well at all. Even Maghra was shocked at her recklessness. Kane insisted she was doing this for her sister, but Kane never does anything for anyone. That’s because Kane was carrying a child herself, fathered by Boots, Jerlamarel’s sighted son. She believed she would have sighted children herself too. But when Harlan offered her marriage and protection for her unborn child, she spurned him, telling him to marry Maghra instead.

But then Kane lost her pregnancy, and she lashed out in a rage. Despite Boots’ promise to try again for a new child, she didn’t believe he could do it. She murdered him right there in the bedroom, along with Cora. Now no longer with child, Kane has left herself in a very dangerous place, her two most loyal followers dead, and Harlan ready to take her down.

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