Nesta Cooper as Haniwa in 'See'

This New Character On See Season 2 Has A Big Secret

Let's unpack this.

by Ani Bundel
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See Season 1 had a surprisingly large cast throughout its eight episodes. From the court of Queen Kane to the Alkenny tribe, the series did a great job in populating this science fiction futuristic post-apocalyptic world. Now in Season 2, with Haniwa now in a new city, Trivantes, and surrounded by an all-new population, it wasn’t going to be long before fans met new faces. But one character stuck out more than the rest: Lieutenant Wren and her steel visor, which kept viewers from seeing her eyes. It was a unique look that fans immediately started to ask: Who is Lieutenant Wren See, and why does she hide her eyes?

Warning: Spoilers for See Season 2, Episode 1 follow. At the end of Season 1, Haniwa was sold by her biological father, Jerlamarel, to an unknown buyer, now revealed to be General Edo Voss. The last name should ring a bell: It’s also Haniwa’s. Her adopted father, Baba Voss, head of the Alkenny tribe, is Edo’s older brother.

Baba believes (rightly) that Edo took Haniwa as a lure to bring him back to the city where they grew up. Edo has been hunting for Baba ever since he ran away the night their father died and believes Baba is responsible for their father’s murder. But when Haniwa first woke up, it was not Edo standing over her but his right-hand woman, Wren.

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But there was something odd about Wren from the beginning. Despite her evident loyalty to Edo, she seemed thrown by Haniwa — not scared of her or her ability to see, but genuinely uncertain how to proceed around her. Wren also had faster reflexes than anyone else around Haniwa.

Haniwa was not fooled. She’s spent her whole life trying to convince those without sight that she’s one of them. She knows a woman who can see when she meets one. When she pointed this out to Wren, the latter froze but she didn’t deny it. She can see. She’s worked hard to convince those around that her she’s one of them, but Haniwa’s threats to expose her didn’t seem to phase this longtime soldier.

Thus far, there’s only one person in this world (Jerlamarel) who was spontaneously born with sight to a pair of sightless parents and who believes God has chosen him to bring sight back to the world. All Jerlamarel’s children are born sighted. But Wren is not one of Jerlamarel’s; she’s too old, for one thing. That suggests others have been spontaneously born with their ocular nerves intact.

Clearly, vision is returning to the world. But is the world ready for it?

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