Aramis Knight as Red Dagger/Kareem in Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel May Have Just Given Kamala Her Best Love Interest

The comics hint at a great storyline for them.

by Ani Bundel
Marvel Studios

Kamala’s accidental discovery of her superpowers didn’t come with an instruction manual. Bruno confirmed that they did not come from the bangle, but that it just triggered them. However, the teenager is no closer to figuring out where these abilities came from and whether Najma is telling the truth about being Djinn. But her trip to Pakistan doesn’t just bring answers; it introduces a new hella cute ally. But can viewers trust Ms. Marvel’s Kareem (Aramis Knight) is who he seems?

Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 4 follow. Upon arriving from America, Kamala and her mother, Muneeba, settle in with Sana, her grandmother. Sana confirms that Kamala is a Djinn but doesn’t seem all that fazed by it, viewing her granddaughter’s abilities the same way one would brown eyes or curly hair. But that’s not enough for Kamala, who needs to know more. Since the bangle keeps showing her visions of a train — the train that her grandmother boarded as a child to escape India as the borders closed — she decides to check out the train station as the obvious first step.

Bored by their American cousin’s ideas of “history,” Kamala is left to find the station and explore it alone, at least until company turns up. A lone fighter with his face hidden by a red handkerchief confronts her and admits he’s been following her all day. He takes her to the headquarters of his order, the Red Daggers, promising her she’ll find the answers she seeks there.

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Well, actually, he says, “Come with me if you want to live,” but that’s just because he’s always wanted to say that. It’s ok; Kamala gives back as good as she gets: “Where’d you learn to jump, Ninja Turtles?”

The Red Dagger’s name is Kareem, though his friends call him Kimo. The head of the order, Waleed, explains to Kamala that though she is Djinn, she is not like the Clandestines. They are from the Noor dimension, a hidden multiverse that overlaps with this one. Kamala’s humanity makes her of Earth, but her powers mean she can control the Noor that exists between worlds.

That ability is why Najma is after either Kamala, the bangle, or both. She wants to open a portal between the two worlds, ostensibly to return home. However, her real plan is to open the door wide enough that Noor will destroy the human realm, giving their people control of both. Meanwhile, the bangle has chosen Kamala, and the inscription seems to be a message for her: “What you seek is seeking you.”

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Like Kamran, Kareem takes Kamala out on a date. However, where Kamran hid his true self, fooling Kamala into liking him, Kareem takes her to a far more low-key gathering with his friends. He’s honest about his mission to keep the bangle (and, by extension, Kamala) away from the Clandestines.

Fans who are already shipping this couple far harder than Kamran (or Bruno, sorry, buddy) will be happy to know this romance isn’t just a flash in the pan. In the comics, the Red Dagger moves to Jersey City to study abroad, and he and Ms. Marvel hook up. Though their romance on the page is short-lived (Kamala’s got multiple boy problems, and Kareem understands she needs time and space to sort them out), there’s a good chance that Kamala’s just met her first serious boyfriend. The couple who fights together stays together, right?

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