David Bautista as General Edo in 'See' Season 2

Ooh, This New Character On See Season 2 Is Scary AF

Say hello to Baba’s brother.

by Ani Bundel
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See Season 1 started as the story of Baba Voss, the head of the Alkenny, a nomadic tribe living off the land in the Pacific Northwest. Baba Voss and his wife, Maghra, were parents to a pair of twins, but not just any two children born in this post-apocalyptical future where a virus had wiped out vision from all of humankind. Baba and Maghra’s children could see. Their ability and where it came from was part of the mystery the series unraveled in Season 1. Now, Season 2 brings a new piece of the Voss family with the introduction of Baba’s brother. But who is General Edo Voss on See? He’s not someone anyone wants to cross — not even Baba.

Warning: Spoilers for See Season 2, Episode 1 follow. The See Season 1 finale brought Baba’s children, Kofun and Haniwa, to where their biological dad, Jerlamarel, had set up a colony where he was impregnating women to create an army of children who were able to see. For the twins, who had seen themselves as singularly unique all their lives, it was a shock to discover they were merely two of their father’s progeny. Moreover, they were horrified to find out he considered them disposable enough to sell them to a mystery buyer. Baba managed to rescue Kofun, but not before Haniwa was taken away.

As Season 2 opened, Baba and Kofun were on the road tracking Haniwa back to a place that Baba knew well. Upon getting close to the city of Trivantes, he left Kofun in the care of Paris, bidding them stay and wait for him for a few days. The understanding was, if Baba did not return, they should assume him dead and continue alone. He was going into Trivantes to find Haniwa and take her back from her captor: General Edo Voss.

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Meanwhile, in Trivantes, Haniwa met the general and his second in command, Lieutenant Wren. The two held her hostage in a private area — as Haniwa overheard, there would be problems if the Triangle Council knew about her. But Edo was convinced the council won’t need to find out. He planned to lure his brother in with Haniwa as bait, and he believed Baba wouldn’t take long to arrive.

As a sighted person, Haniwa has an advantage over her captor, but not the strength or ruthlessness. Edo is a man who is willing to hurt, maim, and kill, and Haniwa knows better than to challenge him directly. Instead, she believes she can turn Wren to her side, as they have something in common: They both can see.

But Wren is not so easily turned, nor is she willing to risk going against Edo. Most of the city is afraid of him, between the political capital he’s gained since Baba left and his violent tendencies. Baba may think he can sneak into the city and free his daughter, but he’s at a disadvantage being on Edo’s turf in this former factory-turned-provincial town.

And Edo has reasons for wanting revenge: Baba killed their father the night he left Trivantes and swore he’d never return. As Edo sees it, Baba’s life is forfeit. And by the end of the episode, he had Baba right where he wanted, tied up in a warehouse, ready to torture him as Baba begged for Haniwa’s life.

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