Some 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 contestants are much more likely to be eliminated than others.

Here's Who Mostly Likely Gets Sent Home On Too Hot To Handle Season 2

It's not looking good, y'all.


Things are just starting to heat up on Too Hot To Handle Season 2, especially after Lana revealed eliminations are swiftly approaching. At the end of the first four episodes Netflix released on Wednesday, June 23, Lana dropped a bombshell on the horny hotties: She will be kicking one or more contestants out of the villa. So, who goes home on Too Hot To Handle Season 2? While that’s still a mystery, it seems clear which contestants are most likely to be booted, and which are definitely safe. Let’s break down everyone’s odds.

To get the best idea of who Lana’s going to eliminate, it’s best to look back at Season 1. Lana booted three contestants that season: Haley in Episode 6, and both Madison and Kori in the finale episode. From those eliminations, we can deduce there are two primary reasons why Lana would get rid of someone:

  1. They’ve failed to form any romantic connection in the house.
  2. They’ve displayed a flagrant disregard for Lana’s rules.

Both Haley and Madison were eliminated for the first reason, as they remained loners during their time in the game. Kori was an example of the second instance, since he made it very clear he was not looking to form a serious relationship and only came to the house to screw around and have fun.

While Lana may find other reasons to kick people out in Season 2, this are good basis to go off of when considering who might get eliminated this time around. With that in mind, here’s who’s most likely to be sent packing in the upcoming episodes.

1. Kayla


The most obvious choice for elimination is Kayla. She’s done an impeccable job of following Lana’s rules... but that’s only because she hasn’t sparked any romantic connections with anyone. She’s kept to herself the whole time, and even said that nobody in the villa is her type, since she only goes for bad boys. With absolutely no romantic prospects, there’s no reason for Kayla to stay in the game any longer.

2. Robert

Poor Robert. The blonde Brit entered the villa only to find everyone else was already coupled up, and the only available girl, Kayla, straight-up turned him down by telling him he’s not her type to his face. While his fellow late-entrant Christina is also unattached, she’s not only got something going with Cam, but also has every guy in the house very interested in her. Robert, on the other hand, didn’t seem able to find any traction, and Too Hot To Handle historically isn’t very kind to contestants who enter the villa late, so he’s very likely to be eliminated.

3. Cam

If we’re talking about contestants who clearly do not care about Lana’s no-sex rules, Cam is on another level. He’s been responsible for the majority of the rule breaks in the game and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Not only has he upset most of the house by costing them so much money, but he’s also in hot water with his love interest, Emily, after flirting up a storm with new arrival Christina. He’s basically Lana’s archenemy at this point, but he might be saved just because he provides so much delicious drama and has a strong bond with Emily.

4. Emily

Cam’s partner in crime is a bit more adherent to Lana’s rules than her rebellious BF, but not by much. Most of Cam’s rule breaks were with Emily, and she laughs off the money losses along with him whenever Lana reveals their misdeeds. Of course, Cam is much more likely to be eliminated than Emily, but Lana may decide to make them a package deal.

5. Peter

When all the other contestants paired off, Peter was thrown by the wayside with Kayla, who doesn’t seem to be interested in him. Unlike Kayla, though, Peter is clearly trying very hard to find a romantic connection with, well, anybody. He tried to get with Emily before she coupled up with Cam; he had a short fling with Melinda before she worked things out with Marvin; and he even got kisses from both Melinda and Carly. Now, he’s got his eyes set on Christina, but so does pretty much every other guy, and so far, Peter doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to winning over the ladies in the game. Sadly, he’s still on his own, which could be enough for Lana to eliminate him, but it would be a bit surprising, since he is obviously shooting his shot at every opportunity.


Since those five seem like the most likely to go, the rest of the cast can probably rest easy for the time being. Chase and Carly are definitely showing the most promise and are probably Lana’s faves right now, since they are communicating their feelings well and haven’t broken a rule in a while. Melinda and Marvin are a bit contentious, but seem mostly committed to one another as well as the rules. And while Nathan and Larissa seem more like a couple by default rather than choice at this point, they haven’t done anything to warrant elimination. And lastly, let’s be honest, Christina is def sticking around just because you know she’s going to shake things up.

Find out who Lana eliminates when the second half of Too Hot To Handle Season 2 drops on Netflix on Wednesday, June 30.