The 'Conversations with Friends' filming locations include a 'Game of Thrones' island.

1 Conversations With Friends Setting Will Look Familiar To GOT Fans

I want to go to there.


Conversations With Friends isn’t just about the conversations or the friends. OK, those are obviously big parts of the Hulu drama, but all the entangled tension takes place in some truly breathtaking settings. If you’re a Sally Rooney fan, then you already know where Conversations With Friends mainly takes place, but there are some changes from the book in the show, and a few locations will look very familiar to Normal People and even Game of Thrones fans.

Obviously, the bulk of Conversations With Friends is set in Dublin, Ireland, where Frances and Bobbi attend Trinity College. If a lot of the set locations in the city scenes look familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen most of them before in the previous Sally Rooney adaptation Normal People. Trinity College was also a main setting of that series, so much of the campus and city streets that Connell and Marianne walked around are the same ones you’ll see Frances, Bobbi, Nick, and Melissa traversing. Filming also took place in Northern Island and in Bray, County Wickow.

However, the flirty foursome doesn’t spend all their time in Dublin... or even in Ireland for that matter. Early on in their complex relationship, Nick and Melissa whisk Frances and Bobbi off for a tropical holiday on the Croatian island of Hvar. This is actually a change from the book, where the group instead vacations in Brittany, France. Filming actually took place in Hvar, and Conversations With Friends is not the first show to film there. Hvar and nearby Croatian cities like Dubrovnik and Split served as filming locations for Game of Thrones. Most notably, the outside shots of Westeros’ capital city King’s Landing were filmed in the coastal cities, so anytime you saw one of the Lannisters looking out over that beautiful blue sea, they were in Croatia.


Thankfully, Frances, Bobbi, Nick, and Melissa’s Croatian getaway wasn’t as dangerous as a trip to King’s Landing, although it definitely did stir up some romantic drama fit for a Lannister. Let’s just be thankful Cersei and Jaimie never walked into one of Frances and Bobbi’s poetry readings — now that would be a mess.