Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in  Firefly Lane

Here's When The Final Installment Of Firefly Lane Will Be On Netflix

Prepare for a sad girl summer.

by Ani Bundel

Firefly Lane’s first season was built to spawn a second one. Season 1 only covered the first half of author Kristen Hannah’s novel that inspired the show, for one thing, necessitating another season to finish the story. But what surprised fans was that Season 2 is actually split into two parts, with Part 1 still not covering all the material from the book. So what’s up with Firefly Lane Season 2, Part 2, and when will it be on Netflix?

Warning: Spoilers for Firefly Lane Season 2, Part 1 follow. Season 1’s cliffhanger left fans with the knowledge that eventually, Kate and Tully would have a falling out, but no info on when or why. Season 2, Part 1 gave all those gory details, including the fact that their fight involved a car crash that badly injured Marah (instead of a live-on-TV emotional argument that happened in the book).

Kate and Tully were still on the outs when Kate found out she had breast cancer. And unfortunately, Kate was too late when she headed to Tully’s to tell her she may not have much time left to live. Tully has already left for Antarctica to return to her hard journalism roots, and it’s unclear if she’ll learn about Kate’s diagnosis, let alone get back in time, because that’s where the latest batch of episodes left off.

So how long will fans have to wait for answers? Luckily, just a few months. Firefly Lane’s next and final set of episodes will comprise the second half of Season 2. There are no renewals to wait for or filming to happen. Production is all done and the episodes are ready to launch whenever Netflix wants to.

And according to Netflix’s Tudum website, that will be in the summer of 2023. The site confirms the final episodes will arrive in June 8, 2023. The site also features a teaser of a wedding, though it’s unclear who Johnny is marrying. The teaser almost suggests it’s Tully, but that would be ridiculous, right?


Viewers will have to tune in this summer and find out.