The cast of Love is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind Season 3 Filmed, Like, A Really Long Time Ago

Imagine having to keep your engagement a secret for over a year.

by Ani Bundel
Ser Baffo/Netflix

Netflix’s originals started as prestige dramas, from House of Cards to The Crown. But over the years, the streaming service expanded its offerings. It has everything from blockbuster movies like Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery to true crime series like Unsolved Mysteries. The largest growing segment is reality shows, but unlike the linear broadcast world, these shows are filmed the same way much of Netflix’s other offerings are: way in advance of their release dates. Love Is Blind Season 3, for example, filmed well over a year ago.

For those stuck home on lockdown in 2020 and 2021, the inability of a favorite broadcast TV show like Grey’s Anatomy to finish its season or the delay of Disney+ programming was a fact of life. But Netflix didn’t seem to have such a problem; the streamer still pumped out series and movies on the reg. That’s because, unlike most other production giants, Netflix’s “all episodes at once” model means a TV season has to be produced way ahead of time in order for it to all be ready in one drop.

That means most Netflix shows are filmed months, if not years, in advance. Case in point: Love Is Blind. Although Season 1 became a hit just before lockdowns hit in early 2020, the show had been actually filmed almost 18 months prior, in the fall of 2018.

With delays in getting Season 2 off the ground, the series did not return until February 2022. But Netflix more than made up for it by filming Seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back in the late spring and summer of 2021.

Speaking to Bustle, series co-host Vanessa Lachey acknowledged the choice to film back-to-back was due to being able to film again after so long and wanting to get as much done as possible in the time allotted. “We wanted to make sure that everyone was safe and that everyone was tested appropriately and that we took all the appropriate measures,” she said. “They had created this really safe bubble for all of us to be comfortable in and for the cast to be comfortable in.”

For Love Is Blind Season 1, the fact that it was 18 months old by the time it reached streaming didn’t stand out, nor did Season 2’s almost year-long gap between production and premiere. But with Season 3 being filmed on the heels of Season 2 meant none of the latest contestants had seen the previous season — which, interesting!

The contestants may not know about all the drama that’s been aired since they filmed, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be bringing some of their own. Love Is Blind Season 3’s first four episodes are streaming on Netflix. The next four will debut on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.