'The Circle' Season 4's episode release schedule is a weekly treat.

Here's When New The Circle Season 4 Episodes Will Be On Netflix

The season's full release schedule is a bit unpredictable.

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Another season of deceptive catfishing, shady influencer rankings, and all-around social media chaos is finally here, and true to form, The Circle is bringing tons of wild new twists in its fourth season. But big twists also mean big cliffhangers, and since Netflix isn’t dropping the full fourth season all at once like it does with other shows, you’ll definitely be left theorizing about what’s coming next in between releases. Want to know exactly when you can expect more Circle drama? Here’s when new The Circle Season 4 episodes will drop on Netflix throughout May 2022.

The Circle became an instant hit on Netflix when it first premiered back at the beginning of 2020, and it surged into an even larger cultural phenomenon months later due to its unexpectedly timely premise. The show, which sequesters contestants in personalized apartments for weeks, felt intimately familiar to all viewers in 2020 amid lockdown orders. Now, although lockdown may have ended, The Circle remains as popular as ever thanks to each season implementing big new twists. And the Season 4 twist looks to be the ~spiciest~ yet.

This is a pretty big deal, since the U.S. version of The Circle has yet to ever feature a celebrity contestant. The original U.K. version had a full celebrity season, and past U.S. contestants have catfished as a celebrity, but no actual superstars have logged into The Circle themselves.

Like past seasons, The Circle Season 4 will be released in three chunks consisting of four episodes each, and then the finale will drop on its own a week after that. The new episodes will be released each Wednesday throughout May. Here’s the full breakdown so you knew exactly when to tune in for more social media drama:

  • Wednesday, May 4: Episodes 1-4
  • Wednesday, May 11: Episodes 5-8
  • Wednesday, May 18: Episodes 9-12
  • Wednesday, May 25: Episode 13, the season finale

So get ready to add some spice to your catfish, because The Circle Season 4 is bringing the heat each Wednesday in May.

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