Jada Wooten from 'Cheer' Season 2

Jada Moved On From TVCC After Cheer Season 2

Here’s what she’s up to now.

Kyle Alexander/Netflix

Navarro College held the spotlight throughout Season 1 of Netflix’s Cheer, but Season 2 expanded the focus of the series to include their rival school, Trinity Valley Community College, as well. Every cheer team has a top athlete, and Cheer Season 2 introduced fans to TVCC’s: Jada Wooten. During the 2020-2021 season, Jada was a second-year tumbler and flyer who put her all into getting her team ready for the NCA Championship in Daytona. Jada was totally dedicated to TVCC throughout the season, but now that Cheer Season 2 is out, she’s moved on to other opportunities.

TVCC took home the top prize at the 2021 NCA Championship, which was a huge accomplishment for Jada. In April 2021, she posted on Instagram saying, “This year meant something to me that I still can’t seem to put into words. This team consisted of the best of the best athletes from where they came from, yet stayed so humble. I’m proud of repping TVCC and always will. We built different.”

Since then, though, Jada began representing a new school: Sam Houston State University. Jada transferred alongside fellow TVCC alum DJ Burleson for the 2021-2022 season and is now on the cheer team there.

Jada officially committed to cheering for the Sam Houston Kats in May 2021 and wrote in an Instagram post, “Blessed and on my way to big things. Thank you for all the love and support!!” As recently as December 2021, she posted an Instagram update about her training, highlighting the focus she’s been giving to her tumbling skills. However, as of Jan. 21, 2022, Jada’s Instagram account is inaccessible. It’s unclear whether she permanently deleted her account or is just taking a social media break, but either way, it looks like Jada is stepping back from the spotlight a bit after Cheer Season 2.

At the end of Cheer Season 2, Jada said, “This sport changed me in the best way possible. A few months ago I was having trouble thinking how I won’t have this again or see some of these people for a really long time, but I think it’s time to move on and time for a change and to see what I could do somewhere else.” It looks like Jada found the exact change she was looking for thanks to her new cheer team at Sam Houston State.

Cheer Season 2 is on Netflix now.