'Umbrella Academy' fans can't stop coming up with theories about Sloane after Season 3.

This Umbrella Academy Character's Fate Is In Limbo After Season 3

It’s time to talk theories.


It’s going to take a while for The Umbrella Academy fans to wrap their heads around what the hell happened in that Season 3 finale. The episode concluded with so many WTF moments it’s hard to zero in on just one, but the biggest question has to do with one particular character. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the The Umbrella Academy Season 3 finale. Forget about Reginald Hargreeves’ mysterious wife and everyone’s superpowers going away — what we really need to get into is what happened to Sloane in The Umbrella Academy Season 3 finale. There are a few different theories about her sudden disappearance that could explain everything.

At the end of Season 3, the Umbrellas were able to reset the universe, but returned to the world with some pretty major differences. For one thing, all their powers seemed to have vanished, but that’s not the only surprising disappearance. Luther’s newfound love, Sloane, was also mysteriously absent on the other side of Oblivion’s door. Sloane was right next to all the other Umbrellas and her only other surviving Sparrow teammate, Ben, right before the universe reset, so it’s pretty surprising that she was somehow the only one to disappear.


So, is she gone for good? Let’s explore all the possibilities about what really happened to Sloane.

1. She was erased from existence.

If the reset universe at the end of Season 3 is a version of the show’s original timeline, then all the members of the Umbrella Academy being together actually makes a lot of sense. Bringing the original team back together would explain Luther being resurrected, as well as a version of Ben not being erased since he is still kind of an Umbrella. However, Sloane was never part of the Umbrella Academy, so maybe she was erased from this timeline.

2. She just reappeared in a different location.

Don’t lose hope just yet, Sloane fans. Her disappearance might not be all that serious, actually. For whatever reason, Allison popped up in the new universe in a different location from the rest of the Umbrella Academy, and so did Reginald Hargreeves. Maybe Sloane just showed up in another place, too.

3. Her spirit is in Luther’s body.

Now, let me break down a theory that’s a bit more involved. What if Sloane’s spirit is inhabiting Luther’s body? Klaus got a major power upgrade this season, and we still don’t know the true extent of his abilities. Right before the universe reset, he was able to summon Luther’s spirit, and Sloane embraced the ghost before he disappeared. Could part of Klaus’ power have combined their souls into one? It would explain how Luther magically reanimated in the new universe. Sloane may be much closer than anyone knows.