'Westworld' Theory Connects Dolores To Wyatt

"Westworld" has spawned so many theories, I wouldn't be surprised if colleges across the country started offering PhDs in Advanced "Westworld" Theory.

Is the host Bernard really a clone of Arnold? Is the Man in Black actually an older version of William? Is everybody secretly everyone else? Am I actually Sylvester the body shop tech?

Well, there's one theory out there that may sound pretty ridiculous at first, but when it's explained out, the idea really does make sense.

Dolores is actually Wyatt.


Reddit user NoMereVeneerOfVanity explained his theory in great length, writing,

This is the big drop of this episode. As I mentioned before, Teddy's Wyatt flashback mirrors Dolores almost perfectly. We know that when hosts 'relive' violent memories, they act them out (like when Maeve slashes Clemantine [sic] 2.0's throat remembering MiB), establishing that Dolores really did shoot a bunch of hosts and then put her gun to her head, as she does this in the present.

So, Teddy remembers Wyatt shooting up the town instead of Dolores because his memory has been altered. Dolores remembers the event correctly as per her flashback during last episode; she really did massacre those poor hosts.

This would explain why Teddy sees Dolores as the last man standing here:


Dang, Dolores! It's like you just entered cheat codes into "GTA V."

Not only that, but NoMereVeneerOfVanity believes that Dolores is the one who killed Arnold. The user added,

During the massacre, Dolores killed Arnold. Arnold's death occurred at the same time as the massacre, and maybe the massacre even resulted from Arnold's work on Dolores. Dolores is somehow linked to Arnold more than any other host, and it may be the case that Arnold told her to kill him, or got her to kill him, to prove that she is conscious and solved the maze. Ford wouldn't say that he and Dolores are friends 'at all' because she is either the host that killed his dear friend, or the creation of his arch nemesis that he can't seem to crack. Dolores is posed as the ultimate enemy here by Ford to ground in truth the way that he sees her and what she did.

Well, it looks Bernard and Maeve aren't the only ones to get their hands a little (to very) dirty...

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