On Nov. 29, K-pop group Stray Kids dropped the music video for their new single, "Christmas EveL."

Stray Kids' Wild "Christmas EveL" MV Is Like A Mini Holiday Movie

It's got me spinning.

JYP Entertainment

Get ready to celebrate the holidays early, STAY. On Monday, Nov. 29, Stray Kids dropped a music video for their festive new single, “Christmas EveL.” The four-minute-long clip sees Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. stepping in for Santa Claus, who unexpectedly becomes sick and ends up in the hospital. To try and save Christmas, the guys travel around in a magical truck delivering presents to everyone around the world — all while jamming out to “Christmas EveL.” If you haven’t watched it already, check out Stray Kids' wild new music video below.

“Christmas EveL” is part of Stray Kids’ first holiday single album, Christmas EveL, which also features new tracks like “24 to 25” and “Winter Falls,” as well as an English version of their Noeasy song “Domino.” Stray Kids dropped their record-breaking second studio album, Noeasy, on Aug. 23. The record sold over 1.1 million units within two weeks of being released, becoming JYP Entertainment’s first artist to achieve the feat.

Now, after three months, the group is back and better than ever. The guys serenade fans on “24 to 25” with lyrics like, “Stay for Christmas/ It’s cold outside, come to me,” referencing their fanbase, called STAY. They also get sentimental on “Winter Falls” as they sing about the year coming to an end. “Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer/ On my cold heart, something like ice is melting,” they sing.

Meanwhile, “Christmas EveL” is a playful hip-hop track that fans are calling an “anti-Christmas song” because it expresses the downsides of the holiday, like black snow, traffic, slippery ice, and getting sick. “Jack Frost coming for y'all, run, run/ The holiday that freezes us to the bone,” Stray Kids sing during the chorus.

In their “Christmas EveL” music video, Santa Claus gets sick, forcing Stray Kids to become his replacement for the night. However, things get a bit chaotic as the group does things their own way by traveling in a magical truck and throwing a party. After making their first stop to deliver gifts, they get caught by a kid, who screams, “You’re not Santa!”

Watch Stray Kids’ mischievous “Christmas EveL” music video below.

We’ll be replaying “Christmas EveL” all winter long because it’s just that good.