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11 Virgo Rappers That Rep Their Star Sign Like No Other

Their perfectionist drive is pure Virgo energy.

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With 12 astrological signs in existence, it’s hard to keep track of what each one means. Each star sign has a set of specific traits, and there are a few that are especially distinctive. For example, Virgos’ qualities are often easily recognizable, and there’s a reason why. Virgo is often said to mean "perfectionist,” which makes perfect sense if you look at the long line of celebrities who celebrate their birthday between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. There’s a surprising number of rappers in the music industry who were born Virgos. In fact, the list includes some of the biggest rappers in the game.

These stars keep their rap game smooth and never miss a beat, which can be attributed to Virgos’ dedication to constantly improving their skills. Virgos are an earth sign, which means they’re very much in tune with the world around them, and these rappers are always penning lyrics about important topics and meaningful stories.

Most of all, Virgos are practical and will tell you like it is. And I’m here to tell you these rappers born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22 are the real deal.

Lil Yachty
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Lil Yachty is a proud Virgo. In his song "Fell In Love Wit The Money,” he rapped about his star sign. "I need that Bentley with turbo / She wanna' f*ck on the virgo,” one lyric said.

Yachty celebrates his special day on Aug. 23.

Chanel West Coast
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Chanel West Coast celebrates her birthday on Sept. 1, and has a go-hard-or-go-home mentality when it comes to her annual celebration. Her 2020 birthday bash got shut down by police.

Lil Xan
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Lil Xan was born on Sept. 6, and his success at a young age is the perfect example of Virgos’ sheer dedication to their craft.

Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa’s December 2016 song “What You Like” with Ty Dolla $ign and 24hrs talked about his Virgo star sign in one verse. "I'm a Virgo so I don't know how to act / You a freak so I'ma hit it from the back,” he raps.

Khalifa’s birthday falls on Sept. 8.

Sheck Wes

Sheck Wes’ birthday falls on Sept. 10, and he’s super proud to be a Virgo.

“I'm the most beautiful dark man there's ever been, there isn't many of us. Im a Virgo,” he tweeted in November 2018.


Ludacris has fully embraced his Virgo star sign in the past. The rapper, who celebrates his birthday on Sept. 11, released a song called “Virgo” in November 2004 with Nas and Doug E. Fresh.

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RM is the only member of BTS who is a Virgo. He celebrates his special day on Sept. 12.

2 Chainz
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2 Chainz’s birthday falls on Sept. 12, and he knows a thing or two about celebrating in style. The “Birthday Song” rapper has thrown some pretty epic parties in his day.

Playboi Carti
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Playboi Carti’s Virgo energy definitely stands out from the crowd. The rapper celebrates his birthday on Sept. 13.

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Much like Ludacris, Nas is down to embrace his Virgo star sign. He hopped on Ludacris’ “Virgo,” also featuring Doug E. Fresh. If you want to wish Nas a happy birthday, Sept. 14 would be the day.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida, who celebrates his birthday on Sept. 17, incorporated a lyric about his star sign into his March 2010 song "Zoosk Girl.”

“So what are you Virgo or Vegro? / Feelin' your flames, I know you're a fire, I can't get rid of this ego,” he rapped.