This Video Proves Taylor Lautner Is Definitely The Funniest Guy On Instagram

Taylor Lautner has only had an Instagram account for all of one month and he's already bringing the two kinds of heat necessary to cook up a major online following: lighthearted humor and sexy wet T-shirts.

A few weeks back, the “Cuckoo” star posted a video of himself on the app, showcasing his backflip abilities and his… like... whole… chest situation.

In this Instagram video, the 24-year-old takes a running leap as his friend, "The Do-Over" actor Chris Titone, douses him with a bucket of water.

Wednesday afternoon, Lautner shared a follow-up video in which the roles were reversed.

The second video features Titone taking a similar running leap as Lautner stands ready with another bucket of water.

This attempt is less successful, but has double the flips and is ultimately just as enjoyable.

Lautner seems committed to giving followers precisely what they crave in a celebrity Instagram.

Sexy wet T-shirts!


Erotic fan art!

Keep it comin' T-Laut. You're building a devoted Insta fanbase that will soon forget all about the wig you wore in "Twilight."