Victoria's Secret Model Shuts Down Reporter Asking 'Stupid' Questions (Video)

In the name of women everywhere, Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak just took down a reporter for asking yet another stupid, sexist question backstage before the filming of the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show."

While we might all be wondering how the VS Angels prepare for the iconic fashion show, it's fair to assume they sacrifice major indulgences just as any, say, NFL player would before a big game.

Still, every year, at the filming of the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," news publications poke and prod the models for details on their pre-show diets and their post-show treats.

This year was no different.

When asked by TMZ what foods she is most looking forward to eating after the show, however, Frackowiak retorted by calling the reporter out on his stupid questions.

In the video above, right at the 0:45 mark, the model says,

What? No, guys, not with these kind of questions. This is stupid. Ask more smart questions. Not eating after the show ... You make me look like an idiot ... It seems like I'm starving myself, and I can't wait for the show to end to eat.

Although other models did give TMZ the material they were looking for, with expected responses like chocolate, ice cream and pizza, Frackowiak makes a good argument.

The five-time "VS Fashion Show" veteran, 31, has been appearing on runways since 2006 and debuted her own jewelry line earlier this year.

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