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Usher Took A Tip From The Game And Basically Showed Us His Penis (Photo)

Hopefully, your boss or mother isn't standing behind you right now because things are about to get NSFW.

Recently, The Game broke the Internet by posting a selfie showing off his massive dick. If you haven't seen that sucker, it's not too late. Just make sure you put on a safety helmet first; it looks f*cking dangerous.

Anyway, Usher seems to be following in The Game's footsteps by sharing his own dick pic with us.

OK, Usher is wearing boxers, but they're hugging his package so intimately, he may as well be naked.

Take a look for yourself.

"These are my confessions."


Wow, thank you for being so honest with us, Usher. You are so brave.

The caption reads,

workin hard so I can eat this

Hmm, interesting. There seems to be no food pictured in the photo. Eat what, Usher? Please, do tell.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, from me and Usher's penis.