This Adorable 'Ugly Betty' Reunion Will Remind You Why You Miss The Show So Much


It's been over a decade since Betty Suarez first marched into the Mode offices in her iconic colorful Guadalajara poncho, but Ugly Betty is still just as beloved today as it was in 2006. And it's not just the fans — the Ugly Betty cast is still super tight! They even had a mini Ugly Betty reunion on Sunday night just to make all of us miss the show even more.

OK, that wasn't actually why they reunited. America Ferrara and Ana Ortiz really got together to support their former castmate Vanessa Williams, who performed in "Sondheim on Sondheim" at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. After the show, Ferrara snapped a Mode-ready pic of herself, Williams, and Ortiz (who starred in Ugly Betty as Betty Suarez, Wilhelmina Slater, and Hilda Suarez, respectively).

Of course, if they really were in character, Wilhelmina would probably not be smiling in the middle of a Suarez sister sandwich. Williams' prickly, ice queen fashion editor put Ferrara's befuddled assistant Betty through hell for four season of the show, very much in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada. Ortiz played Betty's fun-loving older sister Hilda.

This isn't the first time the Ugly Betty cast got together. Last year, the full cast reunited at ATX and even teased they'd all be down for a revival on Hulu. Since ABC canceled the show in 2010, there have been multiple rumors about a movie or reboot series to bring Ugly Betty back in some form. Sadly, nothing has come of that Hulu revival yet, but since the cast is clearly still very close and pulling for a new series, it could definitely still be in the cards.


Although the revival rumors are still just rumors right now, fans can still rewatch all four seasons of Ugly Betty on Hulu. Hopefully, the streaming service will be down to order even more seasons of the show soon... although if Ugly Betty does come back there may be a few scheduling issues with some stars. America Ferrara currently stars on NBC's workplace sitcom Superstore, Vanessa Williams is helming the new VH1 series Daytime Divas, and Judith Light stars in the celebrated Amazon series Transparent.

Despite these commitments, the cast's love for Ugly Betty could be an indication that they'll make a revival work. We'll just have to keep hoping.