What Did Tyrion Promise Cersei In The 'GOT' Finale? We Think We Have An Answer

by Ani Bundel

Of all the scenes in the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, the most electric was the showdown in Cersei Lannister's office between her and little brother Tyrion. Both actors (Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage) brought their A-game for a confrontation that's been years in the making, ever since Joffrey died at the beginning of Season 4. But then, almost abruptly, it cut away. The next thing we know, Cersei is in the Dragon Pit announcing she will join the fight against the Night King. What did Tyrion promise Cersei off-screen that got her to change her mind?

He had to have promised her something. It's not just that he figured out she's pregnant and suddenly she's seeing reason. (Even though we know from the next scene with her that she was lying the whole time, and even wanted Tyrion to guess she was with child.) But whatever it was that Tyrion said to Cersei that got her to change her mind, it was something that the show did not want us to know. Yet.

Some would say it doesn't matter what he promised her, since she reneged anyway. But if he promised her something that Dany would consider a betrayal? Then it matters a great deal, especially if it gets out.

So what did Tyrion promise Cersei? Whatever it was, it has to have related back to that pregnancy realization. And with Tyrion looking stricken -- almost frozen -- outside Dany's door as she and Jon Snow have sex at the end of the episode, the speculation started ramping up. Could Tyrion have promised Cersei that her unborn child would inherit after Dany's reign ended, since the Mother of Dragons could not have children?

We all know Tyrion is obsessed with settling the question of how to deal with royal succession. We also know that Dany was not emotionally ready to have that conversation. What Cersei wanted was assurance that when the fight with the Night King was over, she would be able to fight for Westeros.

Cersei loved her children. He entire life revolved around them. We assume the new one would be no different. Would she accept that she had once again given birth to a ruler, even if Dany got to be queen ahead of them? We think she might have agreed, at least to Tyrion's face.

Can you imagine how Dany would respond if she ever learned that? Especially if the "I can't have children" insistence turns out not to be true, and suddenly there's this totally inconvenient Targaryen heir on the way?

There's a prophecy about Dany in the books that hasn't made it in the show: Three betrayals she will know: once for blood, once for gold, once for love. Blood was the witch, Mirri Maz Duur turning Drogo into a zombie. Gold was Jorah, who repented bitterly his life choice. Once for love... would Tyrion betray her for the love of his family?

Would Dany dismissing Tyrion and leaving him to rot, drive him to the point of murdering his sister with his bare hands, thereby also fulfilling the prophecy of the valonqar? When you take into consideration that Tyrion risked betraying his queen, only for Cersei to treat it like it wasn't even worth the paper it wasn't written on? We could see it.

We'll find out in Season 8.